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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is your R&D approach fast track?
A: Projects can be held-up by slow contract negotiations over terms and conditions and non-disclosure agreements. Our solution is simple: we only use our T&Cs and NDA. We believe they are fair to our clients and Cambridgeen. This approach means that a project can start within days of the first contact. During the project, it is our experience of managing R&D projects that makes our approach fast track. Likewise our technical experience means we finish projects quickly.

Q: What happens if my company has standard terms in conditions it must use?
A: Possibly your company is large and has its own legal department. We don't compromise much on the wording of our contracts so we may not be the best partner for your R&D. You may be able to claim that the project you have in mind is a special case so that you can use our T&Cs and NDA.

Q: Is there a reason you don't compromise on terms in conditions?
A: There are two reasons: (1) Our approach almost invariably saves weeks or even months of contract negotiations, (2) Our clients use us because of our experience gained in running many R&D projects. We want to be as free as possible to help our clients - in fact it is essential for our business. It means we need to be as free as possible of restrictive contracts with third parties.

Q: My company is paying for the R&D why can't it have whatever it wants in contract terms?
A: Many large companies think that way. The best way to get full control is to do the work internally. Our experience is that all technology has its day. Objectives within businesses change in response to the market and to management changes. It seems crazy to keep a good idea locked-up in a long-lasting, restrictive contract when the owner no longer cares about technology locked-up in a redundant agreement. Likewise, many of our clients take out patents on our ideas, which puts the important information into the public domain - why should part of a project be locked-up in a restrictive contract when the key part is in the public domain?

Q: How can my company get a commercial advantage if it uses your terms and conditions?
A: (1) Your company has the right to patent any invention Cambridgeen makes on your behalf during a project and for a period of one year after the project ends. (2) Your company can commercialise the invention in the same period and be first into the market. (2) For any software we write on your behalf your company has a perpetual, free license to use the software and Cambridgeen will not reuse the software within the project or for one year after the project ends.

Q: Who are your past clients for consultancy services?
A: Cambridge Ultrasonics has had many clients. We have a policy of not revealing names of clients but these have included: large multinationals, small businesses, medium sized businessses, universities, UK government agencies. Our clients are mainly in USA, Europe and the UK. We even provide advice to other well-known R&D consultancy businesses in Cambridge.